Instagram Updates IGTV with New Discover Tab, Brings Creators to the Forefront

Instagram is not going to give up on its IGTV app yet. Today the company has updated IGTV in a bid to rope in more people and persuade creators to make long-format videos. The homepage is now changed and will feature a creator on top. The Creator content on the home screen will be populated based on users’ choice and liking.

That apart IGTV is also getting a much needed Discover Tab. As the name suggests, the feature helps users discover videos from people that they follow. Furthermore, the section will also show popular videos based on user preference. Until now the app lacked the discovery tab and this meant the users had to search for content manually. With the help of Discover Tab, new IGTV users will find it convenient to follow users and access their videos.

IGTV users will now be able to post a 15-seconds trailer on Instagram stories. Previously, you were only allowed to post a thumbnail of the video. Instagram hopes this will encourage people to check out IGTV and in turn generate more views for the creators.

Instagram announced IGTV in 2018 and ever since the response seems to be lukewarm. The company has not revealed how many use IGTV. That being said, the app is downloaded more than 10 million times on Apple Store. Meanwhile, Instagram is focussing on getting content creators to create long-form videos that are engaging. They are also trying hard to get Instagram users on IGTV and has thus allowed various forms of cross-posting.

IGTV was launched as a YouTube competitor and is hoping that fans of popular Instagrammers will watch their videos on IGTV. However, it is alleged that even celebrities are finding it difficult to get users on IGTV and the video view is still way behind that of YouTube.

[via TheVerge]