iOS 13.5 Will Allow You to Disable Larger Tiles for Person Speaking in Group FaceTime Video Calls

Apple released iOS 13.5 beta 3 to developers earlier today. In addition to the much-publicized API for coronavirus tracing, and an easier way to skip Face ID while wearing a mask, Apple has also introduced a new feature that will allow you to disable the automatic face zooming in group video calls in FaceTime.

FaceTime offers the coolest user interface when it comes to group video calling apps. The tile of the person speaking currently automatically becomes larger, which Apple says helps in ensuring that you’ll never lose track of the conversation. However, it can a little difficult to see everyone in a group call, and not ideal for meetings.

Group FaceTime Video Calls

In iOS 13.5 beta 3, Apple has introduced a new setting under a new section called “Automatic Prominence” that allows a user to disable the tile of the person speaking from automatically becoming larger or becoming prominent. You can disable the new “Speaking” toggle to disable this feature. So you will see a more static grid of people in the group FaceTime call. You can still make the tile larger by tapping on the speaking person’s tile.

Disable Larger Tile for Person Speaking in Group FaceTime Video Calls

Our Take

This is a nice update for group FaceTime calls. While the automatic zooming of the speaking person’s tile is pretty cool, I would prefer to disable it while in a meeting.

Do you like the automatic face zooming feature or will you disable it when iOS 13.5 is released? Let me know in the comments below.

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