iOS 14 Concept Envisions New Mail App, List View for Home Screen, More

iOS 14-concept

Plenty of details about iOS 14 have already leaked highlighting the new features and enhancements it would be bringing to iPhones and iPads this time around. This includes a new list view for apps on the home screen, a new AR app, improved system apps, and more. An iOS 14 concept from creator Stijn van Oosterwijk envisions how Apple would be revamping the UI of many of the system apps in the OS, how the list view for the home screen would look like, and more.

The concept shows a compact incoming call notification, a new Translate app for quickly translating between languages, AR view in Apple Maps, and a Tools app containing useful tools like Magnifier, Compass, etc. The designer has also envisioned a new Mail app in iOS 14 with a new UI and the ability to include one’s signature in an email after authenticating it via Face ID.

There’s also support for lock screen and the ability to swipe through them, a more compact Siri interface, and more. Here’s hoping that Apple ends up introducing the compact Siri interface along with the redesigned Mail app in iOS 14.

Apple is expected to announce iOS 14 alongside the next major release of watchOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and macOS at WWDC 2020. The event will be held online this year in June 2020.