Brilliant iOS 14 Concept Reveals How Home Screen Widgets Could Look Like on iPhone [Update: Square Widget Concept]

Apple iOS 14 iPhone Widgets Concept

The next major versions of iOS and iPadOS are expected to bring groundbreaking new features, including list view and widgets for the home screen, third-party wallpaper collections, and an ability to select default mail and web browser apps. Now, a new concept shows how widgets could look like on iPhones running iOS 14.

Update: A new concept created by Reddit user aquaception shows how square-shaped widgets could look like on iPhones running iOS 14. As you can see in the image below, the weather widget shows weather conditions, temperatures (current, minimum, and maximum), name of the city, and chances of rain. To be honest, this concept looks better than the concept created by Parker Ortolani.

Apple iOS 14 Home Screen Widget Square Concept

A new concept created by Buzzfeed’s Parker Ortolani shows how Apple could free widgets from the dedicated widgets screen and bring them to the home screen on iPhones. The idea shows Apple’s possible SpringKit framework that would allow third-party developers to bring widgets for their apps to the home screen with iOS 14. Users could also place both app icons as well as their widgets on the home screen.

There could be three design options that developers could choose for widgets: still icon (classic), live icon (two icons-wide), and full-sized widgets (four icons-wide). We already know how still, classic icons appear. Coming to the live icon feature, weather apps could show a slightly bigger icon with temperature information and conditions.

The Activity app could make the full use of a full-sized widget, which displays calories burnt, active minutes, the activity ring, and a long press option to change the size of the widget or switch it back to the classic still icon. Other apps like music or podcast players could display audio playback controls such as play/pause, rewind, and skip inside their widgets on the home screen.

Apple already offers pinned widgets on the home screen of iPadOS 13, but those are limited and can’t be moved between icons of other apps as freely as it is possible on Android. The company is still developing real widgets for the home screen, but it is possible that the company might not release it after all if the development doesn’t get finished by the time iOS 14 gets unveiled at WWDC 2020.

iOS 14 Widgets Concept

Other iOS 14 features cloud include wallpapers for CarPlay’s home screen and Dashboard view, a new multitasking view with cards in a grid layout, the ability to automatically detect fire alarms for people with hearing disabilities, and audio tuning for AirPods.

Apple could also introduce HomeKit support for security cameras and Night Shift for smart lights and the option to choose HomePod as a default audio device for the Apple TV.

Our Take

We think the new concept is close to how Apple could bring home screen widgets support with iOS 14. We think the company could also offer square-shaped widgets, which was leaked in a report that was published earlier today.

Android has been offering app icons and widgets to co-exist side by side, and it is now time for Apple to start offering the ability. It is possible that the iPhone maker would only allow widgets for stock apps first with iOS 14 and then bring support for third-party widgets on the home screen with the next major version of iOS.

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