Will iOS 14’s Weather App Look Like This Beautiful Concept With Dark Sky Inspiration?

Apple iOS 14 Weather App Concept Dark Sky

Apple recently acquired the beautiful weather app Dark Sky, and that sparked rumors that the company might integrate the app’s design and intelligence into iOS 14’s stock weather app. Now, a concept has appeared on the internet, which shows how iOS 14’s weather app could look like if Apple draws inspiration from Dark Sky’s design.

Last week, we had a look at an iOS 14 weather app concept that drew inspiration from the Dark Sky app. Now, one more such concept has appeared. It has a slightly different design approach, which focuses more on graphics and less on the text. It has a lighter take on the app’s design and shows more prominent icons.

Designer Matt Birchler created a “quick mockup” in just two hours, and it has a large weather condition icon as the focus with a current temperature scale, and a graph that shows sunrise and sunset times. There’s also Dark Sky-style ‘Is it about to rain?’ graph and a radar view that shows satellite images of the area.

Apple iOS 14 Weather App Concept Dark Sky Explanation

There’s also a Dark Mode for the app, and it looks incredible. It’s not entirely black, and the designer has used a dark grey theme, but it still looks good against colorful and vibrant iconography. And the concept follows the stock iOS weather app’s swipe gestures to switch between cities and locations.

Apple iOS 14 Weather App Concept Dark Sky Dark Mode

Our Take

This Dark Sky-inspired iOS weather app concept is more open than the other concept. If Apple takes this approach, it will be a considerable departure from the current-generation weather app. However, we don’t think Apple will bring such a huge change with iOS 14 as it is not meant to be redesign.

Well, we are only a few months away from iOS 14 reveal, and we will get to know if Apple is changing the weather app at all.

[Source: BirchTree]