iOS 13.4.5 and iPadOS 13.4.5 Beta 1: What’s New

iOS 13.4 Beta 2 What's New

Just a week after releasing iOS 13.4 to the public, Apple seeded the first beta of iOS 13.4.5 to developers. The company was expected to release iOS 13.4.1 but instead released iOS 13.4.5. Despite the slight jump in version numbers, iOS 13.4.5 is not a feature-packed release. Here’s a look at everything that’s new in the first beta of iOS 13.4.5.

Why Release iOS 13.4.5 Instead of iOS 13.4.1?

Technically, Apple should have released the first beta of iOS 13.4.1 after iOS 13.4. However, the company has gone ahead and released iOS 13.4.5 to developers. The most likely explanation for this is that Apple was testing iOS 13.4.2 and other builds internally and decided to skip directly to iOS 13.4.5 for beta testing. There is a possibility that Apple could release iOS 13.4.2 or iOS 13.4.3 with a VPN bug fix this week.

iOS 13.4.5 Beta 1: What’s New

Share Apple Music Songs in Instagram and Facebook Stories

iOS 13.4.5 beta adds the ability for Apple Music subscribers to share what they are currently listening to on their Facebook or Instagram Stories. The feature is straightforward to use — simply press the Share icon in the Now Playing screen in Apple Music and select the Instagram or Facebook icon from the share sheet. The shared content will contain an album art of the song that you are listening to. Stories on Instagram will also contain an Apple Music link to the song that you are listening to.

CarKey Support for Touch ID iPhones

Code strings found in iOS 13.4.5 beta make it clear that Apple will also be bringing its yet unannounced CarKey API to older iPhones with Touch ID. Previous versions of iOS only pointed to the CarKey feature being available for iPhones with Face ID. However, Apple has added support for iPhones with Touch ID for the CarKey API in iOS 13.4.5.

iPhone 9 References

iOS 13.4.5 beta 1 also refers to an iPhone with Touch ID featuring Express Transit with power reserve. None of Apple’s existing iPhones with Touch ID feature Express Transit with power reserve. The latter feature is only available on iPhone XS or higher. This likely hints at Apple’s upcoming iPhone 9 which will also be compatible with the CarKey API.

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