iPad Pro Wakes Up Only When Magic Keyboard’s Second Hinge Is Moved

New iPad Pro - Magic Keyboard with Trackpad

The Magic Keyboard, which was launched alongside the 2020 iPad Pro lineup, has some cool new features, including the trackpad, a backlit keyboard, and a built-in USB Type-C passthrough port. The iPad Pro almost transforms into a laptop when connected to the Magic Keyboard, but it also has one quirk: its screen turns on only when the second hinge is moved.

As we know already, the Magic Keyboard has a unique magnetic hinge design. When you connect the iPad Pro to the hinge, it appears like it’s floating. However, it appears that the screen of the iPad turns on not when you open the keyboard, but when you tilt the tablet towards you by moving the second hinge.

While people have suggested that the company could be using gyroscopes to detect when to activate the screen, it doesn’t appear to be true. It is possible that Apple designed it in a way that the screen of the iPad turns on when the magnet towards the bottom of the hinge is detached from the tablet. However, it could also be an oversight on part of Apple.

The iPad Pro could have special magnets all over its back, and the tablet could recognize that it’s connected to the Magic Keyboard via the Smart Connector. In the landscape mode, when the bottom part of the iPad is detached from the Magic Keyboard, the screen is activated automatically. You can have a look at the video below.

It is a neat trick from the company, but what if you want to use the iPad without pulling it towards you using the magnetic hinge? Apple could change the behavior with upcoming software releases if enough people complain about it.