2020 iPhone SE Uses the Same Camera Sensor as iPhone 8

2020 iPhone SE Teardown

When Apple announced the 2020 iPhone SE earlier this week, it did not provide much about its 12MP rear camera sensor. Many believed that it was a mashup of the iPhone XR’s camera sensor and the iPhone 8 lens. A teardown of the 2020 iPhone SE and a close inspection from the folks over at iFixit reveals a different story altogether though.

The 2020 iPhone SE’s 12MP camera sensor is “much smaller” than the iPhone XR’s camera. This points to Apple using the same camera sensor on the iPhone SE as it does on the iPhone 8. Thus, any improvements that the iPhone SE posts over the latter in terms of imaging boils down to the more powerful ISP of the A13 Bionic chip. Just for comparison, the iPhone 8 was released by Apple in 2017 alongside the iPhone X. This is also interesting because Apple is able to use the iPhone 8’s camera sensor and its improved ISP to deliver portrait mode on the iPhone SE.

2020 iPhone SE teardown

Over the weekend, iFixit had reported that the many parts of the iPhone 8 and the 2020 iPhone SE could be used interchangeably including the display. This was an interesting development since the iPhone 8’s display supported 3D Touch, while the iPhone SE only supports Haptic Touch. Despite the iPhone SE’s display missing out on the 3D Touch, Apple has not used a thinner display on it. The company could have used the additional space to include a beefier battery on the iPhone SE but seems to have decided otherwise.

Overall, the iPhone SE managed a repairability score of 6 out of 10 from iFixit. This is significantly higher than the likes of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series or for that matter, any iPhone launched in the last few years. The high score was achieved because the display and the battery, two of the frequently replaced components, could be accessed and replaced easily with access to all the right tools and proper knowledge.

[Via iFixit]