Latest macOS Catalina 10.15.5 Developer Beta Comes with New Battery Health Management Feature

16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple’s latest macOS Catalina 10.15.5 preview packs in an impressive new feature. The new Battery Health Management feature optimizes battery charging on MacBook and helps extend battery lifespan.

The Battery Health Management feature works by gauging battery temperature over an extended period. It analyses whether the battery is drained completely before being put on charge or if the charging is always plugged on. Depending on the scenario, the feature will cut off charging before it reaches full capacity. By doing this battery life span is expected to increase considerably.

It is established that leaving charging plugged in on laptops all the time will reduce its battery’s usable life. The deterioration further accelerates at a warm temperature. This is the reason why we have a slew of third-party apps that remind users to unplug charging when the battery level reaches 80%.

The Battery Health Management feature will be available on upwards of MacBook Pro 2016 and Retina MacBook Air model. According to Apple, the feature is aimed at delaying the chemical aging process and extend battery lifespan without affecting functionality or performance.

Our Take

Apple was caught off guard when users discovered that it is throttling performance in older iPhones. Lawsuits ensued and Apple was forced to come out with an apology. Immediately thereafter they baked in a Battery Health feature on iOS 11.3. The feature displayed Maximum Battery capacity and informed whether your device is performing at peak. Furthermore, the iPhone also comes with an Optimised Battery Charging feature which is similar to the Battery Health Management on macOS.

To avoid controversies of any sorts, Apple has clearly announced the new Battery Management feature and will also let you turn it off in the Energy Saver section. When traveling you can simply turn off the feature and the battery will be charged to 100%. The Battery Health Management feature is currently available for developers and eventually will be released for all Catalina users.

[via SixColors]