New Book Talks about Alleged Hostile Work Environment in Apple’s IS&T Division

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In today’s world, it is very common for tech giants to foster a hypercompetitive work environment. Despite all the benefits, in some cases, it gives rise to hostility amongst workers. A new book called “Always Day One-How Tech Titans Stay on Top” talks about Apple and has interviewed former employees who call the IS&T group as a “Game of Thrones nightmare” and also highlighted the cold war that “goes on every day.”

The IS&T stands for Information Systems & Technology. It is involved in building the company’s internal tools which include servers and data infrastructure for retail and corporate sales software. Buzzfeed has curated some of the most important excerpts from the book.

IS&T is made up largely of contractors hired by rival consulting companies, and its dysfunction has led to a rolling state of war. “It’s a huge contractor org that handles a crazy amount of infrastructure for the company,” one ex-employee who worked closely with IS&T told me. “That whole organization is a Game of Thrones nightmare.

Interviews with multiple IS&T employees have revealed a trend that best describes the division as a “division in turmoil.” It is alleged that infighting deeply affected the ability to create useful software. The problem only got much worse as “contract workers are treated as disposable parts.”

A question on Quora read as follows “How is the work culture at the IS&T division of Apple.” The response to the questions once again exposed the toxicity of the IS&T division. One of the answers read as follows,

When I first joined, I was absolutely SHOCKED to see how projects were designed and developed. If you compare the code quality to that of a high schooler or a fresh undergraduate, you seriously will not be able to distinguish between the two.” The anonymous user was further shocked when a full-time IS&T employee said: “it was accurate.

Another answer read “I wanted to share my experience with working in IS&T. Trust me, when I say — this department is worse than most IT sweatshops in India that you have heard of that are a bad place to work for Engineers, From the day I joined to the day I quit from this department to another, every day was soul-sucking and made me curse my life for joining this department.”

Our Take

A Majority of tech giants employ a large number of contractors. Companies like Apple have unrealistic expectations as they pay a very high hourly rate. However, the contractors get paid less than half of that money after the company takes its cut. Globally contractor employees are growing and advocates are apparently pushing for better terms.

As far as Apple is concerned, the company should spare a thought on how to fix the IS&T division. They will not only garner goodwill from the contractors but it will also help improve the business.

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