Photos: These Are the Prototypes of the First Apple Watch

The Apple Watch (Series 0) was first released by Apple in 2015. However, before releasing the product, Apple had been internally testing the wearable for over a year. Giulio Zompetti, a 27-year-old from Northern Italy, has managed to get his hands on six Apple Watch prototypes from 2014.

The Italian did not reveal how he got his hands on the prototype units but did mention they mostly come from e-waste recycling units. All the six prototype units acquired are broken but their key components are still working. He plans to fix and then sell them for thousands of dollars. The Italian has a habit of acquiring prototypes of Apple products.

Apple Watch Prototype 2

Some of the acquired prototype units show a rare logo similar to the Death Star in Star Wars that have also been found in previous iPhone prototypes. The markings and QR codes on the devices also add credence to them being prototype units as they have been previously seen on iPhone prototypes.

We have previously seen prototypes of iPhones and other Apple products being sold on eBay. In 2012, an iPhone 4 prototype was listed for sale on eBay for $10,000. Apart from collectors, Apple product prototypes are also favored among an underground market of hackers who want to get their hands on them because they have certain security features disabled. This makes debugging and hacking these products easier. Zompetti, however, collects these items because of the thrill of simply owning them.

Head to the source link below to find more photos of the prototype Apple Watch units acquired by Zompetti.

[Via Motherboard]