Teardown Shows How 2020 iPhone SE is Similar to iPhone 8

iPhone SE teardown

The 2020 iPhone SE is very similar to the iPhone 8 from a design viewpoint. Internally also, it is a mash-up of iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 components. A teardown of the iPhone SE alongside the iPhone 8 now shows just how similar both phones internally are as well.

The iPhone SE and the iPhone 8 share mostly the same key components including the same battery capacity and size. There are a few minor differences like the iPhone SE featuring a new modem offering faster Gigabit LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, a new battery connector that’s also found on the iPhone 11/Pro series, and an updated LED flashlight setup. The camera module is also different since the iPhone SE uses iPhone XR’s sensor with the iPhone 8 lens.

Just to show how similar both these phones were, the YouTuber interchanged some of the components between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 8 and they worked just fine. This includes swapping the iPhone 8’s display on the iPhone SE which fits the device perfectly and also worked without any issues.

Despite Apple resuing the iPhone 8 design and most of its components on the 2020 iPhone SE, the latter is being hailed as the best budget smartphone under $500 right now thanks to its excellent performance. The imaging capabilities of the iPhone SE are also pretty impressive despite the phone only having a single camera at the rear.

The $399 iPhone SE launches in over 40 countries on April 24.