These iPhone 8 and iPhone SE Parts Are Swappable

2020 iPhone SE Teardown

A teardown of the 2020 iPhone SE had previously revealed that it shared many components with the iPhone 8 and both devices were largely the same internally. An iFixit teardown has now provided more insight into just how similar these phones are.

As per iFixit, the iPhone SE’s cameras, SIM try, Taptic Engine, and display assembly can all be swapped with iPhone 8 parts. This not only shows just how identical these two phones are, but it also means that performing an in-house repair on the iPhone SE will be a cheap affair. Do note that swapping the display would lead to True Tone not working as it is the case with other iPhones. The home button is also not swappable due to the security restrictions of Touch ID.

Surprisingly, despite the 2020 iPhone SE and the iPhone 8 coming with the same 1,821mAh battery, it is not swappable between the two phones. The iPhone SE uses an iPhone 11-like battery connector which is not compatible with the iPhone 8’s logic board. However, it will not be easy to swap the iPhone SE’s battery with a replacement unit as it will throw up a “not a genuine Apple battery” error.

The common components between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone SE will make it easy to repair the latter. This also means that most repair shops already have key iPhone SE components in their inventory.

[Via iFixit]