T-Mobile and Sprint’s Merger is Now Officially Complete

Sprint T-Mobile Merger

Almost two years after the plan was officially announced first, T-Mobile and Sprint have confirmed that their merger is now officially complete. With the merger, Sprint has now become a part of T-Mobile. The merger was approved by the FCC in October last year.

As a part of the merger, T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere has stepped down from his role. Instead, former COO Mike Sievert will now be the CEO of the ‘New T-Mobile.’ The announcement from T-Mobile notes that thanks to the merger, it now has 14 times more capacity than it would have had alone. This will allow the ‘New T-Mobile’ to offer its customers better speeds at low prices. It is also committed to “offering free 5G access” to its customers and offering them “same or better rate plans for at least three years.” The merged entity plans to cover 90% of rural Americans with average 5G speeds of 50Mbps in the coming years.

The Sprint brand will also continue to exist for now, though over time, it will be merged with T-Mobile. Existing customers, be it of Sprint or T-Mobile, are not going to be affected in any way due to this merger closing officially. Their rate plans are going to remain the same for now and T-Mobile promises that it will offer them better value over time.

You can find more details about T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger along with an FAQ over here.