Apple Reportedly Plans to Control All Aspects of Apple Car

Apple CarPlay

Apple has long been working on a car, but we’re still far away from an actual release. That’s because the company wants to offer unique features and solutions, and wants to perfect it before the launch. In true Apple fashion, it also wants to control all aspects of the Apple Car.

A report from Morgon Stanley analyst Katy Huberty compared Apple and Tesla’s positions in the auto industry. While the report largely focuses on Tesla, the folks over at AppleInsider was able to extract bits and pieces relevant to Apple and its car project. The report states that Apple is developing a “vertically integrated solution.

The company is expected to invest heavily in the project for research and development. The report states that Apple will invest nearly $19 billion on the car project in 2019. That’s almost 20 percent of what the whole auto industry invests in research and development in a year. Such a huge investment would help Apple and other tech firms in disrupting the car market.

Huberty says that Apple sees vehicle technology as a large market where its solutions can play a significant role in taking the whole industry forward, similar to how it did with its smartwatch and its credit card. The report also mentions that Apple will compete with cars from Tesla as they’re likely to launch products in the same price segment.

Huberty said, “The end game can’t just be a more advanced version of CarPlay in partnership with other automakers. They need to control the design, the guts, and the experiences and services on top of the platform.” Recent reports claim that Apple will make its own car with enhanced safety features and deep integration with Apple products and services.

Our Take

Apple is known for its walled garden approach with its products, and it is likely that the company would control each and every aspect of its car if it goes ahead and launches it in the next few years. It is possible that it wouldn’t allow customizing the car’s accessories and parts through third-party brands.

Apple could compete with premium car makers like Audi, Mercedes, and Tesla, which is a similar approach it takes with all its products.

[Via: AppleInsider]