Apple Still Has Not Given Up On Its Dreaded Butterfly Keyboard

2018 MacBook Pro keyboard teardown sneak peek

It looks like Apple has still not given up on its dreaded butterfly keyboard mechanism. The company is seemingly working on improving the structure of the keyboard and ensure that it does not stop working after a speck of dust or other foreign object gets underneath a key.

When Apple refreshed its MacBook lineup in 2015, it switched to a butterfly keyboard mechanism. Despite all the praises the company heaped on it, the Butterfly keyboard system was unreliable and would stop working if even a speck of dust managed to get underneath a key. Apple could not fix the issue despite multiple revisions and ultimately, it switched to Magic keyboard on its MacBook lineup starting in late 2019 with the 16-inch MacBook Pro. As of now, all MacBooks use the new Magic keyboard mechanism which offers better key travel and does not suffer from any reliability issues.

The butterfly keyboard issues were so bad that it led Apple to launch a service program which includes all MacBook models launched with the butterfly keyboard. The service program covers all MacBooks with a butterfly keyboard for up to four years from the date of purchase for any keyboard-related issues. At one point, Apple updated the service program to include a MacBook model that it had launched just a few months before.

Our Take

The reliability issues with the butterfly keyboard mechanism have already caused a notable dent in the MacBook’s brand. Even if Apple gets around to solving all the issues with the butterfly keyboard mechanism, I don’t think it would be a good idea for the company to bring it back on its MacBook lineup. The move might just turn off a lot of existing MacBook owners who are already frustrated with the poor reliability of the butterfly keyboard.

Would you buy a MacBook if it shipped with an improved butterfly keyboard mechanism?