Former Windows OS Head Switches to iPad as His Main Desktop Computer

Apple iPad Pro 2020

Microsoft has always ridiculed iPad for not being a real computer, and a lot of professionals supported those criticisms. However, Apple added a lot of features to iPadOS to bring its tablets closer to real desktop computers. Now, a former Microsoft employee has switched over to the iPad as their primary computer.

Steven Sinofsky was a former Microsoft employee who headed the company’s Windows division, and he has posted on Twitter an iPad is now his main desktop computer. He even posted a picture of his iPad setup. It includes a 256GB 12.9-inch iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil, a third-party iPad stand from Heckler, a Magic Keyboard, a right-angled USB Type-C cable, and a 7-in-1 dongle.

He posted the picture with the title “new desktop PC.” He also praised Apple’s implementation of the trackpad. That’s praise-worthy coming from a former head of Windows. However, he also said that a lot of apps still don’t fully support the trackpad and are “essentially unusable.” He also said that windowing implementation has a lot of mysteries and that there could be improvements.

We can see that Sinofsky was using Safari and Twitter side by side on the iPad Pro. He also said that he is planning to use a second screen for video meetings using the Blackmagic ATEM Mini. His bill of materials (cost of the iPad setup) comes out to $1,561, which is closer to a high-end MacBook Pro or a Windows 10 laptop.

Since leaving Microsoft in 2012, Steven Sinofsky has taken up the role of board partner at investor firm Andreessen Horowitz. Prior to his departure, he successfully launched Windows 7 after the disastrous launch of Windows Vista.

Apple iPad Pro Setup By Steven Sinofsky

Our Take

Praise for the iPad coming from a Microsoft veteran is a huge achievement for Apple, and it shows that the company has been moving in the right direction with iPadOS. Ever since the company unlocked support for trackpad and mice, possibilities are looking limitless.

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