iOS 13.5 vs iOS 13.4 Battery Life Comparison

Apple released iOS 13.5 to the public last week. This was a relatively important point release of iOS 13 that brought about a number of changes and improvements for a world with coronavirus. What about battery life though? Does iOS 13.5 bring about any noticeable impact on battery life?

YouTuber iAppleBytes has compared the battery life of iOS 13.5 across some major iPhones including the iPhone SE (2020), the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 6s, and iPhone SE. The test was conducted after about a week of installing iOS 13.5 to let everything settle in. This is important as previous tests have shown that this has a noticeable impact on battery life.

In the Geekbench battery rundown test, the iPhone 11 lasted for 6 hours and 31 minutes while running iOS 13.4. On iOS 13.5, it lasted for nearly the same time at 6 hours 34 minutes. The iPhone XR lasted for 6 hours 20 minutes on iOS 13.4, while on iOS 13.5, its battery life declined to 6 hours and 2 minutes — a reduction of 18 minutes. The original iPhone SE also saw its battery life decrease by just 12 minutes on iOS 13.5. The iPhone 7 was the only device that saw its battery life extend by over 10 minutes while running iOS 13.5.

From the comparison, it is clear that iOS 13.5 does not really bring much to the table in terms of battery life. Your iPhone should last for about the same time while running iOS 13.5 as it did on iOS 13.4.1 or iOS 13.4. If you are not happy with your iPhone’s battery life after updating it to iOS 13.5, you can follow some of the steps mentioned in this guide to fix the battery drain issues.