The Next Apple Watch Could Detect Panic Attacks

Leaker Jon Prosser has once again reiterated that the next Apple Watch will be able to detect panic attacks. This will be made possible by the new blood oxygen sensor that Apple plans on debuting on the wearable. He detailed this while speaking on the latest episode of the Geared Up podcast.

This is not the first time that we have heard rumors of Apple bringing panic attack detection and other forms of mental health tracking to the smartwatch. As for the panic attack detection, it will detect an upcoming panic or anxiety attack and then offer users breathing guidance so that they can control it. The wearable will also keep a history of all such stress-related issues thereby helping doctors and health professionals to treat the patients better.

Jon Prosser does claim that while he hopes the feature is released this year, there is a possibility that it could be delayed to next year. He also notes that if the panic attack detection feature relies on the new blood oxygen sensor, Apple will not talk about it at WWDC. Instead, it will do so when it announces the Apple Watch Series 6 later in the fall.

Other new features that are rumored to be a part of watchOS 7 include a Kids mode that will allow parents to set up the Apple Watch for their kids. There will also be a School Time feature to limit the use of certain apps during selected hours of the day. Additionally, there will be new watch faces, sleep tracking as well.

Our Take

The Apple Watch Series 5 refresh last year was a very minor one and only introduced Always-On display to the table. This year though, the Apple Watch Series 6 is shaping up to be a major upgrade with some major health-focused changes. Are you looking forward to buying it?