AirPods Gets New Automatic Switching, Spatial Audio Feature for AirPods Pro

The WWDC 2020 was unique since this is the first time Apple is hosting a fully virtual event. We saw Apple unveil iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and much more in the power-packed event. Apple has also added a few nifty features such as automatic switching and spatial audio for AirPods software.

The AirPods will now automatically switch between iCloud devices depending on which device the audio is originating. If you are watching a movie on your iPad and receive a call on iPhone then the AirPods will automatically switch to the iPhone. The feature is called auto-switching and supports multiple devices connected to the same iCloud account.

Apple has also added a new Spatial Audio feature for the AirPods Pro. The company claims that it will help recreate “movie theatre experience.” Furthermore, AirPods Pro makes use of motion tracking so as to alter the sound field as your iPhone moves. All the while the sound remains in sync.

Spatial audio is available for AirPods Pro and is aimed at offering surround sound experience. The technology makes use of directional audio algorithms and is automatically turned on when you watch video or audio tracks that support Dolby 5.1/ 7.1. The new AirPods Pro features will only be available on devices that run iOS 14/iPadOS 14.