Apple Alters App Review Process, Allows Developers to ‘Challenge’ Guidelines

Apple iPhone SE 2020 App Store

App Store is known for quality apps and placing stringent checks for app approval. Developers are crying foul and blaming Apple for blocking bug fixes update over minor violations. Just prior to the WWDC 2020, Apple rejected the ‘Hey’ email app bug fix update(approved later) for not including In-App Purchases. Now for the first time, Apple will allow developers to “challenge” the guidelines of the app review process.

The App Store review process is governed by Apple guidelines. One of the rules requires the app to use Apple’s in-app purchase option. This way Apple will retain a certain part of revenue before passing it on the developers. Needless to say, Apple earns millions in revenue for distributing popular apps on the App Store.

App developers are being negatively affected by Apple’s guidelines. For instance, maker of AWber, an email marketing software, has been in talks with Apple for several months last year. They were not sure whether to remove the link for account creation and instead add in-app purchasing.

They’d flag something, we would make some modifications, and they would flag something different.-  AWeber

Thankfully, Apple has now announced a new “mechanism” that allows developers to challenge the guidelines. However, the company is yet to reveal the details. Furthermore, Apple has assured it will not delay routine bug fixes, the only exception being “legal issues.”

We hope the new mechanism will work towards addressing woes from the developer’s community. Developers claim customers are frustrated due to the delay caused by minor guidelines violations. Perhaps, Apple can create a tool that directly informs developers of potential violations before pushing the update.

[via Reuters]