Apple Could Announce New iMac with iPad Pro-like Design and Slimmer Bezels at WWDC 2020

Apple iMac

It looks like WWDC 2020 is going to be filled with some major announcements from Apple. Apart from the announcement of switching to Arm-based Macs in 2021, Apple is now also rumored to announce new iMacs at WWDC.

The new iMac will feature an iPad Pro-like design language with slim bezels as seen on the Pro Display. It will also feature a T2 chip, AMD’s Navi GPU, and completely switch to flash storage instead of Fusion Drive. While not mentioned, it is likely that Apple will also use faster Intel processors inside the machine. The new AMD GPUs should lead to a considerable improvement in the GPU performance of the new iMacs. They should also be more power-efficient as they are based on the 7nm fab from TSMC. As things stand right now, Apple’s iMac lineup is the only one to not feature a dedicated T2 chip meaning it misses out on quite a few security features.

The iMac was last updated by Apple in March 2019 so it is overdue for a refresh. More than the internals, the design of the machine needs a refresh as the large and chunky bezels surrounding the display don’t do its sleek design any justice. While there are rumors of Apple launching products with mini-LED displays, it is unlikely that the iMac refresh will feature it. Rumors claim that Apple has delayed the launch of its mini LED products to late 2020 or early 2021 as it works with limited resources due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Apple seems to be adopting the iPad Pro design language across a lot of its products. The upcoming iPhone 12 lineup is also expected to switch to an iPad Pro-like design.