Apple Might Have Finally Solved AirPower’s Overheating Issues

iPhone X and AirPower

Apple never got around to releasing AirPower to the public after its announcement due to engineering and overheating issues. However, a rumor from earlier this year claimed that the Cupertino company has restarted development on the wireless charging pad internally.

Back then, YouTuber and leaker @jon_prosser had claimed that Apple was trying to re-engineer the coils inside AirPower to displace the generated heat more effectively. In April, there was another leak which allegedly showed off the new AirPower under the prototype name “C68.” The leak had then claimed that the prototype units of the wireless charger did not work with Apple Watch since it used a proprietary charging method that required more power. This led to the entire charger to overheat when multiple devices were placed alongside the Apple Watch. Now, Jon Prosser has posted some photos which show the Apple Watch and AirPods Pro wirelessly charging on what seemingly looks like an AirPower prototype.

While Jon has a pretty accurate track record when it comes to Apple leaks, it is difficult to ascertain if this leak is accurate or not. There is definitely a possibility that Apple decided to start working on AirPower again and see how it could be re-engineered to solve its overheating issues. Since the AirPower’s initial announcement, a number of wireless chargers have hit the market that can charge multiple devices at once, though they do have some limitations.

With the majority of Apple products and accessories now supporting wireless charging, the company could have decided to once again work on this accessory. Reputed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had also claimed at the beginning of this year that Apple is working on a wireless charging mat that could launch this year.

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