Apple Working on Adding Keyboard Shortcuts to iPadOS for Changing Brightness

New iPad Pro - Magic Keyboard with Trackpad

Apple makes some pretty decent keyboards for the iPads which include the Smart Keyboard and the Magic Keyboard with trackpad. However, one of the issues with them is that they lack a dedicated row of function keys. The lack of function keys in itself is not a big deal, but they are mostly used to quickly adjust some common system settings which is not possible on the iPad. However, it looks like Apple is working on adding keyboard shortcuts to adjust common iPad settings like the screen brightness or the keyboard backlight.

Code found by 9to5Mac points to new keyboard shortcuts that will allow iPad owners to change their screen brightness or adjust the keyboard backlight. The code is present in iPadOS 13.5.5 beta but it is likely that Apple will announce this feature as a part of iPadOS 14 which should be unveiled at WWDC 2020 later this month.

Given that Apple’s official keyboards for the iPads lack a dedicated row of function keys, the company would be mapping the functionality to change the brightness and adjust the keyboard backlight to some other keys with shortcut combinations. Third-party keyboards for the iPad with the function row already support adjusting such system settings, so this is just a matter of Apple remapping the keys on its keyboard to offer the same functionality. It is unclear if the keys mapped to this feature would be customizable or not.

Do you find the lack of function row to quickly control common system settings on Apple’s official keyboards for the iPad frustrating?

[Via 9to5Mac]