Hands-On Video of the Ridiculous $7000 iPhone 11 Pro Inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck

Caviar CyberTruck iPhone 11 Pro

We’ve all seen crazy iPhone mods that cover the smartphone in premium leather, precious metals, and diamonds. And all of them cost thousands of dollars for the added luxury. Caviar is one of those brands that sell modded iPhones and electronics, but this time, the company has done something different. It made an iPhone that has an industrial design that’s inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck SUV.

The Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone is simply an iPhone 11 Pro fitted inside a metal case that’s made using titanium PVD. The phone’s finish resembles Tesla Cybertruck’s ‘Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled Steel.’ The rear of the device has a shape that’s similar to the SUV. It even rolls down and folds, just like the Cybertruck, and becomes the stand so that you can use it as a dock.

The body and the buttons of the phone are anodized and there’s a unique engraving. Since the phone is completely covered in titanium, it is extremely safe from drops and scratches when it is fully covered. So, this device not only looks extremely unique but it is also tough. Popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) is now offering us a close look at the Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone in one of his videos.

MKBHD has mentioned in his video that the phone feels extremely bulky and the titanium case makes it harder to use the device due to the angular design and sharp edges. Even things like going to the phone’s home screen feels harder than usual because the metal lip below the screen touches the finger. Whoever buys this device might buy it as a collectible, similar to people who buy vintage cars.

The company actually makes three versions of the iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone: Cyberphone Lite, Cyberphone, and Cyberphone Billionaire. Caviar will only make 99 such iPhone 11 Pro units, and each one of them costs at least an insane $6,910. The Cyberphone costs $7,680 and the Cyberphone Billionaire is priced at a whopping $19,990. You can have a closer look at the phone in the video below.

Caviar also sells other versions of the iPhone 11 Pro, and some of them (Credo Christmas Star Diamond) cost as high as $126,230. Would you be willing to spend so much money on a phone that will become outdated in just five years? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.