This Stunning iPhone 13 Concept Imagines an iPhone with Sliding Screen, LiDAR Scanner

iPhone 13 Concept helps us reimagine the upcoming iPhone in a very unique way. Concepts are often outlandish and remind us how cool the next iPhone might look. The latest from ConceptsiPhone does the unimaginable, it shows off an iPhone with a sliding screen!

The device is called iPhone Slide Pro and the video begins by showcasing the buttons on the display edge. It slowly progresses to the rear where you can see a multiple rear camera setup with a LiDAR scanner. Furthermore, the LED flash sits right in the middle of the camera unit. The edges around the screen are rounded and somewhat resemble the Galaxy Edge series.


The front facia of the concept looks pretty ordinary until the slider is pulled out to reveal a secondary display with Settings Menu open. Furthermore, the sliding mechanism smoothly slides out of the device and the mechanism seems to be super slick. That said, the concept doesn’t mention the utility of secondary screen.

Previous leaks have pointed out that iPhone 12 might feature a slightly boxy design. iPhone Slider concept seems to have drawn inspiration from the leaks. In all likelihood, the sliding screen could offer extra real estate for adding gaming controllers or make room for a larger QWERTY keyboard on an iPhone.

Our Take

No matter how slick the concept looks, there is very little chance that Apple might come up with a Slider iPhone. That said, the concept is very impressive and persuades us to think about all the new stuff iPhone can offer with a slider design. Would you be interested in an iPhone with a sliding screen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.