Mirror Your iPhone Display to Windows PC or Mac For Free With 5KPlayer

5KPlayer for Windows and Mac

Both Windows 10 and macOS come with a built-in video player for basic video playing and quick editing. However, compared to today’s standards, both video players skip on many essentials including video to audio converter, the ability to mirror iPhone to PC or Mac, support for all formats, the ability to create playlists, a capable video editor, and more. Enter a third-party solution called 5KPlayer.

5Kplayer isn’t limited to video playback only. With 5KPlayer, you can mirror your iPhone to PC or Mac, which is great considering the current situation around the globe. Educators can use it to stream videos, images from iPhone to desktop. It can be also useful during meetings, gaming, and entertainment purposes. With a single software, you can replace many small utility apps from your PC or Mac.

What is 5KPlayer? Why Should You Download It?

5KPlayer is an ultimate all-in-one video player for your PC or Mac. There are many capable video players trying to get their place on your PC/Mac. What makes 5KPlayer apart is the unique set of functions it offers over the basic video playback. Let’s glance over major 5KPlayer features.

5KPlayer Features

5KPlayer comes with the following functions:

  • Built-in AirPlay to mirror iPhone to PC or Mac
  • Media Player with all format support
  • Video Editing
  • Live Radio support
  • Playlist support
  • Video downloader from more than 300 websites
  • DLNA Wireless Streaming
  • Video to audio converter

How to Mirror iPhone to Windows PC or Mac Using AirPlay

Apple uses AirPlay/Screen Mirroring to mirror iPhone display to MacBook. It’s flawless and works perfectly fine. But what about Windows users? There is no official AirPlay support for them. Using 5KPlayer’s built-in AirPlay, you can quickly mirror the iPhone display to PC. Follow the steps below to mirror your iPhone display to Windows PC.

Step 1: Download and install 5KPlayer on your Windows PC. (Download link: 5K Player for Mac or PC)

Step 2: Open 5KPlayer and tap on the AirPlay option.

5KPlayer home

Step 3: From the AirPlay menu, keep the AirPlay service on.

Step 4: Make sure that the status is running. It will also display a computer name (In my case, it’s SPECTRE)

AirPlay 5KPlayer

Step 5: Move to your iPhone and open Control Centre from the top.

Step 6: Long-tap on Screen Mirroring option and it will show 5KPlayer – SPECTRE option.

iPhone mirroring PC

Step 7: Tap on it and it will mirror the iPhone display to your Windows PC.

mirror iPhone display to PC

You can even record the on-screen content going on the iPhone and save it for later use. The functionality bridges the gap between iPhone and Windows devices with AirPlay support. 5KPlayer also contains the DLNA feature that makes your online streaming experience better and lets you share music and video files between devices.

Media Player With All Format Support

5KPlayer supports all the major video files including MP4, MTS, MKV, VR 360º, H.265/264, AV1, VP8, and VP9. No need to download a separate video player to play a file.

Video Editing

Sometimes it gets irritating when someone accidentally shoots a video in the wrong orientation. Thankfully, 5KPlayer takes care of it. You can rotate a video vertically or horizontally, trim a video, load a subtitle file, use 360º view, and even take a snapshot of a video.

Live Radio Support

5KPlayer comes with built-in live radio support. I wasn’t kidding when I said 5KPlayer will take care of all your media needs. From the homepage, you can tap on Radio option and it will let you play live radio from popular channels such as BBC, Frequence, abc lounge, and more. Even better, you can input a URL of your favorite radio station and 5KPlayer will play it from the app.


Video Downloader

5KPlayer provides a capable built-in video downloader that supports major websites including YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and more. It has support for more than 300 channels from where you can download the videos. Simply copy-paste the URL in the app and the app will display approximate video size with a download button.


Playlist Support

5KPlayer can be your perfect media hub to manage all the songs and videos. The software lets you create and organize a custom playlist of music tracks and videos. You need to give it permission to read the files on the device though.

Convert Video to Audio

5KPlayer has added a nifty tool to convert the videos from the device to audio-only. You can import a video from the PC or Mac to 5KPlayer and save it in the app library. Now tap on the video and it will display the video location on PC, file type, and the ability to convert it to MP3 or AAC audio format. You can also convert the MP4  (H265) video file to the MP4 (H264) format.


5KPlayer is free to download. It’s available on both Windows and Mac. Download it from the provided link and start using the software.

While you are at it, do let us know about your favorite 5KPlayer feature in the comments section below.

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