This Siri Shortcut Will Let Your iPhone Automatically Record Police Interaction

The police killing of George Floyd has sparked protests across the U.S. In the recent past, many such incidents of police violence against people are surfacing. Many believe that police brutality existed for long, the only difference is that now it is being captured on the camera. A Siri shortcut will come to rescue if you are pulled over by cops. The shortcut is activated by saying “Hey Siri, I am getting pulled over.”

The Siri shortcut is not only useful during protests but also during routine checks and traffic stops.  Just say “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over” and this will trigger a slew of events simultaneously on your iPhone. The shortcut stops any music being played, phone display will be dimmed, the front camera is activated and starts recording, your location is sent to emergency contact along with the video of your interaction with the police.

All you need to do is grant access whilst triggering certain events like sending your location to an emergency contact. Interestingly, Robert Petersen created the shortcut in 2018 and has been updating it for the last two years. The shortcut has gained traction after George Floyd was killed by the police.

This is not an app, but a Siri Shortcut. Apple introduced Siri Shortcut on iOS 12 and to use this your iPhone should be running iOS 12 or upwards. Follow the steps below to install the third-party shortcut

  • Install Shortcuts app (download link) from App Store
  • Go to Settings>Shortcuts> Allow Untrusted Shortcuts
  • Open this link on iPhone’s Safari browser
  • Grant Location Access by following the steps detailed in below screenshot

Now that the setup is done you can test it and see if it works fine. As mentioned earlier you need to explicitly approve some actions while using the shortcut.

Our Take

The Siri Shortcut in itself might not curb police misconduct or racial discrimination. However, the authorities can be taken to task with proof and this will come in handy while taking legal actions. Most importantly, your location will be sent to an emergency contact and they will be alerted about the event. We agree that the feature might not be useful every time the police pulls you over, however, there is no harm in recording every interaction with the police.

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