Apple Has a New Unified Gift Card for All its Products and Services

Apple New Unified Gift Card

Apple has launched a new gift card for customers in the United States that can be used for purchasing anything from the company. The gift card can be used not only for purchases on the App Store and subscribing to various Apple services, but it can also be used towards the purchase of Apple products like iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc.

Up until now, Apple offered an iTunes gift card that could be used towards purchases on the App Store, iTunes Store, and other Apple services. Then, there was the Apple Store gift card that could be used towards purchasing Apple products. With its new gift card, Apple is merging both gift cards under one umbrella and the tag line highlights that as well – “The gift card for everything Apple.”

Apple has a new page on its website as well to highlight how the new gift card can be used. The unified gift card has a new design to help differentiate it from older gift cards. The physical gift card has five different Apple logo designs, while the email version has eight. Customers are still free to purchase the gift card of any amount they wish to.

The new gift cards are only available in the United States, but Apple should expand its availability to other countries as well.

[Via iCulture]