Apple Reportedly Using Semitransparent Lenses for AR Headset

AR Glasses

The Information claims Apple is reportedly working with Foxconn to develop semitransparent lenses for the AR headset. Apple is making headway as the semitransparent glass has reportedly progressed from prototype state to trial production. Typically, trial production only happens during the first mass production of a product and thus indicates Apple’s augmented reality headset is inching closer to mass production.

Apple is developing the lenses on a single production line at a Foxconn factory in Chengdu in southwestern China, where most of Apple’s iPad production is centered, the person said.”

Apple has multiple phases in the development of new products, starting with periods of prototyping in California and China, during which it makes dozens and hundreds of units, respectively, of the products and their parts. As of May, the lenses had entered a stage known as engineering validation test, or EVT, during which Apple typically makes thousands of units, said the person familiar with the matter. During that period, Apple has locked down the design and begins testing its suitability for mass production.”

The semi-transparent lenses on Apple’s AR headset make use of a “polarized system.” These are similar to the 3D movie glasses. Apple has already filed for a patent related to the AR and VR technology used in its augmented reality headset. Previous reports claim that the headset is likely to be released in 2022. Yet another report claimed that internal differences have slowed down Apple’s AR and VR projects. Apple’s internal teams were not able to decide whether to include the processing power within the headset or connect the headset wirelessly to a separate processing unit.

Our Take

In the recent past, Apple has introduced a slew of AR features for iOS devices. Even Apple Arcade offers augmented games like Secret Oops! Meanwhile, companies like Microsoft and Facebook are coming up with their versions of augmented reality headsets and ecosystems. In all likelihood, we will soon be witnessing an increase in apps, features, and services that are based on AR/VR.

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