Facebook Messenger on iOS Gets Screen Sharing Feature

Facebook has updated Messenger with a new feature. The Messenger now allows users to share their screens with multiple participants. Video chat services like Google Meet, Zoom, Messenger is witnessing an uptick due to the COVID-19 pandemic and rise in remote working.

The new feature will allow you to screen share a photo gallery or a video on your device with your friends and family. On the other hand, you can also use the feature for collaborating with teammates and clients. You will still be able to scroll through photos, webpages, and other stuff while sharing the screen.

Today, we’re excited to share that we’re expanding the availability of Messenger’s screen sharing feature in video calls and Messenger Rooms to our mobile apps. Screen sharing allows people to instantly share their screen with friends and family one-on-one or in a group video call with up to eight people and up to 16 people in Rooms while using Messenger on their mobile devices. We know people are trying to stay connected more than ever and screen sharing is the latest feature we’re rolling out to bring people closer together.

Facebook recently announced that Messenger would support up to 50 members in a “Messenger Room.” Until that happens, the chat platform will support screen sharing with up to 16 participants, which is not bad at all. Furthermore, Room admins will be able to grant screen sharing permission for individual participants or restrict it to themselves.

Our Take

With the help of screen sharing, you can shop together with your friends, browse social media, and much more. The screen sharing feature is available on iOS, and via Messenger Rooms on the web. Social Distancing and limited mobility are still the norms in many countries. In times like these, the screen sharing feature offers a new way for users to connect with their friends and family.

[via Facebook]