Find My App Helps Police Recover iPhone Owned by Former UK Prime Minister’s Family Member

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Find My App has once again helped catch an iPhone thief. The thief was caught trespassing private property, and the owner took a photograph of the incident on his iPhone 8. Soon enough, a struggle ensued, and the perpetrator snatched the iPhone from the property owner.

Things got interesting as the property owner is the father in law of former British Prime Minister, David Cameron. The incident occurred at Cameron’s father-in-law, Sir Reginald Sheffield’s estate located at Flixborough Grange.

Jeremy Evans, prosecuting, told Grimsby Crown Court that Sir Reginald, company director of the Normanby estate, near Scunthorpe, was driving a Subaru at Flixborough Grange when he noticed people there in a VW Golf.

He was a passenger in the car and there was also a trails bike. Sir Reginald took brief dashcam footage of the vehicles but Wilks approached him and opened the car door while Sir Reginald was holding the iPhone 8.

Interestingly, the thief, stole the iPhone so that he couldn’t be identified. However, it is the trail of this very iPhone that lead the police to him. Local authorities have reportedly jailed the thief for 18 months. The thief is a habitual offender and has been charged for 32 offenses including assaults, thefts, and more. He has also served a two and half year prison sentence.

Our Take

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