Google One Introduces Free Automatic Backup for iOS Users

Google One is a cloud subscription service that was launched two years ago. Last year, the company added automatic Android phone backups to Google One. Now Google has extended automatic phone backups to iOS and is free for anyone with a Google account. iOS users will be able to access the feature via a new Google One app.

And if you have an iPhone, we’re introducing a new iOS app that lets you store photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events with Google. Start backing up your phone with the Google One app, and save the stuff you care about using the free 15 GB of storage that comes with your Google Account. If you break, lose, or upgrade your phone, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe in the cloud.

Earlier, the automatic backup feature was available only for paid subscribers. Now onwards, anyone with a Google account will be able to use the feature. It is worth noting that your iPhone backup will count against the 15GB free space offered by a Google Account. Furthermore, iOS users will be able to store photos, contacts, videos, calendar events, and documents using Google One.

Google has also introduced a new storage manager feature on the Google One app and the web. It helps you understand how you’re using your storage and free up space by deleting unnecessary items. Google’s free cloud space is shared across Gmail, Docs, Photos, and other services. The subscription starts at $1.99/month and can be shared with up to five family members. Moreover, you also get access to Google experts whenever you need technical support. The Google One iOS app will be available soon on the App Store.

[via Google]