How to Download Instagram Videos and Photos on PC or Mac With 4K Stogram

Instagram is one of the popular social networks out there. The Facebook-owned company has been quick to add new features to the platform. Started as a photo-sharing service, Instagram has added support for videos, highlights, and stories in the app. No surprise why the service has over 1 billion monthly active users. While Instagram is feature-packed, the service still leaves a lot to desire in terms of convenience and desktop experience. Enter a third-party solution called 4K Stogram for PC and Mac.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to download photos, videos, or user stories. So if you come across a beautiful mountain photo or a hilarious new video, you can’t download it on the device and share it with friends and family. One can only share the Instagram post link, which is not convenient. Using 4K Stogram, you can download any user’s Instagram photos, videos, stories, for a specific time.

What is 4K Stogram? Why Should You Download It?

4K Stogram is an ultimate Instagram viewer and downloader for PC and Mac. The software offers a unique Instagram viewing experience on the big screen. Instagram does offer web version, but it’s similar to what’s there on the mobile, a scrolling feed of subscribers with the latest updates. 4K Stogram allows you to subscribe to unlimited user accounts, follow trends with hashtags, and even lets you download photos and videos to the PC. Let’s have a look at all the major 4K Stogram features.

4K Stogram Features

  • Unique and Personalized Instagram Viewing Experience
  • The Ability to Download Photos, Videos, and Stories for a Specific Time
  • Customized Update Period
  • The Ability to Run 4K Stogram in Background When Closed
  • Powerful Filters and Sortings
  • The Ability to Pin Instagram Feeds on Top

How to Set Up and Use 4K Stogram to Download Instagram Videos and Photos

In this post, we will help you set up 4K Stogram from scratch and teach you how to download Instagram photos and videos from any user account.

Step 1: Download and install the 4K Stogram app from the link below.

➤ Download: 4K Stogram

Step 2: Login using your Instagram credentials. The software uses this information to download user stories from your account.

Step 3: Use the search bar above and enter the Instagram username, hashtag, or location.

Step 4: It will showcase the possible results that you are looking for. Select the relevant account or hashtag.

Step 5: Before hitting the Subscribe button, you should configure the download options from the Advanced Downloads Options menu.

Step 6: The Advanced Download Options allows you to set the download timeframe for an account or hashtag. You can also leave out photos, videos, stories, or highlights from the download menu.

Step 7: After making necessary changes, hit the Subscribe button and the 4K Stogram will showcase the Instagram feed in a horizontal feed bar.

Step 8: 4K Stogram will download all the photos and videos associated with the added account or hashtag from Instagram.

Step 9: To change the default download location, go to Account Preference > General > Output folder > Browse and select a new location for Instagram media.

You can add all your subscriptions from the Instagram to 4K Stogram software with one click. First, subscribe to your account and then go to account details > More > Select Subscribe to User’s Followings. Within seconds, you will see all the accounts that you follow on Instagram in the 4K Stogram software.

From the preferences menu, you can also set 4K Stogram to run in the background. The software will continue to fetch new Instagram posts based on the update period.

After adding dozens of Instagram accounts, hashtags, locations in 4K Stogram, it can be confusing for users to keep track of them. You can pin certain accounts in the software for easy access. Other features include the ability to share posts on Facebook, Twitter, the ability to export posts, backup your Instagram account, powerful filters, and more.

Availability and Price

4K Stogram is available on Windows, Mac, and even Ubuntu. The free version is limited to a finite number of subscriptions, posts download, and stories download. You can get a personal license for $10 and a professional license for $30.

Website: 4K Stogram

4K Stogram is specifically designed for Instagram. If you wish to download videos from services such as Facebook, TikTok, etc. then do check out the 4K Video Downloader software from the company. The software allows you to download YouTube playlists, channels, 360-degree videos, and more with ease.

➤ Download: 4K Video Downloader

Download the 4K Stogram software and give it a try. While you are at it, do let us know about your favorite feature of the software.

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