You Can Now Use Your GoPro as a Webcam on Mac, Here’s How

Most of the time, the inbuilt webcam in Mac falls short of expectations. The footage is grainy and lacks clarity. Due to the shortcoming, some of us might opt for better webcam and plug it on an accessory. Well, if you happen to own a GoPro Hero8, then your webcam woes on Mac will end right away. GoPro’s updated Webcam desktop utility now lets you add GoPro Hero8 as a 1080p wide-angle webcam for Mac.

Once done, you can use GoPro Hero8 for Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and any of the video conferencing app. Moreover, you can use GoPro as a webcam for Skype, Facebook Rooms, and Slack via Chrome browser. This also means you can use Hero8 for live streaming on YouTube.

Follow the steps below to setup Hero 8 Black as a wide-angle webcam on your Mac. All you need is the Webcam desktop utility app and the USB-C cable.

How to use GoPro as a webcam on your Mac?

  • Download GoPro Webcam Beta firmware and update your HERO8 Black.
  • Download and install the GoPro Webcam Desktop Utility app.
  • Use USB-C cable to plugin Hero8 Black to your Mac.
  • Power on the camera and you should see a GoPro icon along with a blue dot.
  • Now open any of the video conferencing apps and choose GoPro as the camera source.

The Webcam desktop utility app lets you Adjust resolution, switch between Mirror and Flip mode, and much more. However, GoPro is yet to offer wireless connectivity, and thus the USB-C cable needs to be plugged in every time you want to use Hero8 Black as a webcam. The Hero8 Black was released last year and was aimed at vloggers and other types of creators. It is capable of shooting videos in 4k resolution and comes with a digital stabilization feature for videos.