iOS 14 Jailbreak Demoed by Pangu Team

Pangu Jailbreak iOS 14

The Pangu team has demoed a working iOS 14 jailbreak at MOSEC 2020, a mobile security conference. The jailbreak was shown working on an iPhone 11 Pro running a beta build of iOS 14.

Do not get your hopes too high of a possible iOS 14 jailbreak landing from the Pangu team around the same time that Apple releases iOS 14 to the public later this fall. It is quite common for developers and teams to show off jailbreak for a new and upcoming version of iOS, but never eventually getting around to releasing it. The Pangu team has also not released an iOS jailbreak in quite a few years now and their last jailbreak tool was for iOS 9.

We are also unlikely to see an iOS 14 jailbreak from being released to the public right now as the OS itself is in beta and Apple could always end up patching the exploit used for such a jailbreak.

Nonetheless, this once again proves that despite all of Apple’s best efforts, it is still possible to jailbreak the very latest release of iOS. It is just that finding exploits in the OS has become difficult as Apple has improved its security measures. Then, there’s also the fact that many jailbreak developers have left the community due to its toxic and taxing nature which means there are just less talented people overall working on iOS jailbreak now.

This is not the first time that an iOS 14 jailbreak has been teased. The Checkra1n team had previously teased an iOS 14 jailbreak with Cydia on an iPhone X. Once iOS 14 is released to the public, do expect the checkra1n team to update their tool to add support for the OS. This is because checkra1n is based on a low-level checkm8 bootrom exploit which affects iPhone X and older devices. Since this is a bootrom exploit, Apple cannot patch it via a software update.