Timelapse Video Shows How macOS has Evolved from OS X to Catalina in 20 Years

macOS has evolved a lot in the recent past. Mac OS X debuted in 2001, and since then, the operating system has transformed drastically. Apple recently announced macOS Big Sur, and the same will be available for the public later this year. Now a new timelapse video takes us through all the Mac software updates starting from Mac OS X to macOS Catalina.

Interestingly the time-lapse also shows installing each software update. You can also see how the Docks and user interface has changed with every software update. The best part is that you get to witness less remembered software updates. Furthermore, it is very evident how the user interface has changed drastically in the recent past.

Apple’s macOS 11 Big Sur announcement at WWDC 2020 marked the end of the macOS X era which began in 2001. In memory of such an event, I will be installing every single version of the macOS operating system, from 10.0 Cheetah to 10.15 Catalina.

Our Take

Mac OS debuted in 2001 and was named “Mac OS X” till 2012. After that, Apple changed the name to macOS. Apple used to codename each Mac OS X release with the name of a wild animal. For instance, Mac OS X 10.0 was codenamed “Cheetah,” while the next version was named “Puma” and so on.

The latest macOS Big Sur arrives with one of the most significant redesigns since the macOS 10 was first launched. As one might observe, the macOS Big Sur features are seemingly inspired by iOS, and the Control Center is a great example. Other settings like Do Not Disturb and the redesigned notification center also borrow generously from iOS.

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