Spotify, PUBG, and Other iPhone Apps Are Crashing Due to Facebook [Update: Fixed]

iPhone SE 2020

A number of popular iOS apps including Spotify, TikTok, Tinder, and PUBG are crashing for iPhone users due to an issue with the Facebook SDK. All these apps use the Facebook SDK and offer it as an alternative login option. This is the second time this year that a number of iOS apps are crashing due to an issue with the Facebook SDK.

iPhone users have taken to Twitter and other social media channels to report about their frustration with the crashing apps. The problem cannot be resolved even after reinstalling the app from the App Store or restarting the iPhone. The crashing issue is affecting all users, irrespective of whether their iPhone is running iOS 13.5.1 or iOS 14 beta.

Facebook has confirmed on its status page that there is an issue with its iOS SDK that is causing apps to crash and that it is looking into the matter. The issue is a widespread one since the Facebook SDK is used by a number of popular apps.

There’s not much that one can do here except wait for Facebook to resolve the issue.

Update: Until Facebook gets around to fixing the issue, here’s a workaround to get all crashing apps to work on your iPhone again.

Update 2: The issue has now been resolved by Facebook.