Twitter Asks Users If They Are Interested in ‘Undo Send’ Feature as Part of Paid Subscription

Earlier this month, rumors suggested that Twitter is readying a premium subscription for its user. One of Twitter’s job description revealed that the company is working on creating a new subscription platform and is hiring for the same. Twitter has now introduced a survey that asks users what services would they like to have as part of a premium subscription.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has confirmed plans to launch a subscription platform. Andrew Roth, a reporter, has shared a screenshot of the survey. Twitter desperately needs an edit feature. However, the survey didn’t include the same. Furthermore, it consists of an option called “Undo Send” that allows users to recall a Tweet within 30 seconds of sending.

The list also includes other features like advanced analytics, custom colors for the Twitter app, and job recruiting features. Below is the full list of features,

  • Undo Send- This feature will allow users to recall a Tweet within 30 seconds. The Undo Send is not exactly an edit feature, but it is somewhat close to the same.
  • Allow users to customize colors for the Twitter app and website.
  • Support longer and higher-resolution videos
  • Advanced analytics. Useful for brands and individuals with a large following
  • Custom profile badges. For instance, journalists could have badges that mention which publication they are working for.
  • Job recruiting features (for posting jobs and connecting with potential recruits)
  • Custom stickers and hashtags
  • Insights into other accounts (which could show all of your past interactions with a user)
  • “User roles,” designed to make it easier for large organizations to grant access to company accounts without having to share passwords directly
  • No ads

Twitter is also concerned whether a paid tier will disturb its position as an open platform. In the survey, the company has asked users whether they feel conversations will tilt “in favor of paid users.”

Which feature from the above list would add value to your Twitter experience? Would you pay a subscription fee to Twitter to access the above features? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[via TheVerge]