VMware and Other Virtualization Apps Crashing on macOS 10.15.6

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macOS Catalina had its own niggles that have been fixed in due course of time. The recently released macOS 10.15.6 has reportedly introduced a new bug that crashes VMware and other virtualization apps like VirtualBox.

The worst part is that macOS 10.15.6 frequently crashes when running virtual machines. In other words, the issue is very critical, primarily if you work on virtual machines. The folks at VMware have dug deeper and discovered Apple is the only one to be blamed. macOS 10.15.6 is leaking kernel memory via the App Sandbox component and thus crashing macOS. App Sandbox is a mechanism that protects system resources and user data by limiting apps access to resources.

VMware seems to have done their bit. The company has diagnosed the issue and filed a report with Apple. They have also added a minimal reproduction case that will help Apple identify the problem and fix it. Furthermore, a user warns that “it isn’t looking good,” and Apple might be forced to fix the issue in an upcoming software update. That said, it is not clear whether the issues are affecting public/developer macOS Big Sur betas.

We’ll keep investigating possible workarounds to see if we can pop out a point release with a mitigation… To Be Determined.  (In all honesty, it isn’t looking good, but we’ve come up with some mighty creative workarounds in the past, so I’ll never say never.)

It is common for users or developers to find a workaround as a stop-gap arrangement till the fix is issued. However, in this case, the workaround is pretty extreme and includes not installing macOS 10.15.6 and shut down virtual machines when you are not using them. VMware community members also suggest rebooting hosts every now and then.

[via VMware]