iPhone 12 Could Launch in October, iPhone 12 Pro in November

Leaker Jon Prosser today has revealed the announcement and release dates of the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple Watch Series 6, and new iPads, and more.
As per Prosser, Apple will announce the Apple Watch Series 6 and new iPads on September 7 via a press release. Apple usually tends to announce a new iPhone during this time of the year but with the iPhone 12 launch delayed this year, the company’s product launch schedule looks quite a bit different this year.

Apple will then follow it up with an iPhone 12 event in the October 12 week, presumably on October 13 since it tends to hold its events on Tuesday. The company will be announcing four iPhone 12 models this year, two with the iPhone 12 moniker and two with the iPhone 12 Pro branding. The regular iPhone 12 lineup will go up for pre-orders later in the week — likely on October 16. The devices will then start shipping a week later on October 23.

As for the iPhone 12 Pro lineup, the devices will go on pre-order and start shipping in November, though the exact dates are not yet known.

Prosser does not rule out the possibility of the dates changing especially since there is uncertainty on the release date of the iPhone 12 Pro, but for now, “this is the date in the system.”

Apple has always launched a new Apple Watch alongside new iPhones, so it would be quite unusual for the company to announce the Apple Watch Series 6 before the iPhone 12 and that too via a simple press release. As for the new iPad that Jon refers to, it could be a new iPad Air or an 8th gen. iPad.

Leaker Jon Prosser has a mixed record in terms of Apple leaks so far. Some of his claims like the iPhone 12 lineup coming with a smaller notch have turned out to be incorrect, though he was right about the release date of the iPhone SE and new iMac.

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