iPhone 12 Could Launch with 60Hz Display but Delay to Add 120Hz Display Possible

Previous reports have revealed that Apple might push the iPhone 12 launch to October. Latest leak claims that Apple might further delay the iPhone 12 Pro launch. The company is reportedly facing issues with 120Hz display supply chain and is considering cancelling the feature.

Display Analyst Ross Young explains how Apple is able to procure 120Hz Pro displays. However, the company is facing issues procuring 120Hz display driver ICs. There are only two possible ways of addressing this issue. Apple will have to launch iPhone 12 Pro with 60Hz display or delay the launch and include 120Hz screen.

Young claims that Apple’s plan to use 120Hz panels on the iPhone 12 Pro was a last moment change. Due to this, they are facing issues implementing the high-refresh-rate display on the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro. In other words, we might see a delayed iPhone 12 Pro launch. Young adds “its not a simple issue in this case.” Perhaps Apple doesn’t want to lose out on customers who wish to have a 120Hz display on the iPhone 12 Pro.


In his earlier reports, Jon Presser has revealed that Apple is divided on the implementation of 120Hz display on iPhone 12 Pro. The tipster’s latest video talks about how Apple is testing “120Hz, ProMotion,” for iPhone 12 Pro. According to the source, the 120Hz display works fine on iPhone 12 Pro Max with a manual display setting toggle.

Our Take

We have seen contradictory reports on Apple using 120Hz display on the iPhone 12 Pro. Some of the tipsters claim that the 120Hz feature will debut on iPhone 12 Pro. Previously, Young had said that his contacts were not able to confirm 120Hz technology on iPhone 12 Pro. Since the higher-refresh rate display was not part of the original plans, Apple might find it easier to cancel the feature.

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