When Will Apple Release iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 to the Public?

When Will Apple Release iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 to the Public?

Apple confirmed last week that the iPhone 12 launch will be delayed by a few weeks this year. The delay is going to have a cascading effect and could potentially delay the release of other upcoming Apple products and software releases, including iOS 14. Going by Apple’s typical release timeframe, the iPhone 12 lineup should have been announced in the first half of September before being released in the last week of the month. A week or so before that, the company would have released the final build of iOS 14 to the public as well.

This time around though, due to the iPhone 12 launch being delayed, there’s a possibility that the iOS 14 release could also be delayed. There are two possible scenarios that can happen here.

iOS 14 Releases in September, iPhone 12 in October

Assuming Apple ends up launching all four iPhone 12 models at once, the company could very well decouple the release of iOS 14 with new iPhones. Usually, Apple releases the first public build of a major new iOS release a week ahead of a new iPhone launch. Since the iPhone 12 launch has been delayed by a few weeks, Apple could stick to its usual iOS release timeframe. This could see iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 being released to the public in mid- or late-September for all existing iPhones and iPads. Then, Apple could follow up with another point release of iOS 14 when the iPhone 12 is actually launched to the public.

The benefit of this strategy will be that Apple will have additional time in its hands to fix any reported bugs with iOS 14 ahead of the iPhone 12 Pro’s release. Apple has always launched new iPhones in tandem with a major new iOS release, but it could be the first time we could see the company doing something like this.

iOS 14 Releases a Week Before iPhone 12’s Launch

The second possibility is that Apple ends up delaying the release of iOS 14 and the iPhone 12 by a “few weeks.” If this happens, then the company will likely release iOS 14 a week before iPhone 12 is scheduled to hit the stores. The delay could see Apple releasing iOS 14 to the public in mid-October, a week ahead of iPhone 12’s release. The possibility of this scenario playing out is pretty slim in my opinion though as a delay in iOS 14’s release can have a cascading effect on future releases of the OS as well.

When do you think Apple will release iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 to the public? Do you think the release of the OS will also be delayed by a few weeks along with the iPhone 12 lineup? Drop a comment and let us know in the comments!