Apple Shipped Defective iPhone 12 Cases With No Speaker Holes to Some Customers

iPhone 12 defective case

While the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are scheduled to arrive in the hands of customers later this week, many customers have already received iPhone 12 cases from Apple. However, some of them have received a defective case from Apple that does not have speaker holes at the bottom.

There’s only a gap at the bottom of the defective cases for the Lightning connector and that’s about it. Right now, going by the Reddit thread, there are only a few customers who have received such a defective case from Apple. However, the numbers could always increase as more customers get their iPhone 12 case from Apple. One of the customers was told by an Apple representative that the case was meant to be like that i.e. it won’t have any speaker holes at the bottom. This is obviously incorrect as the case otherwise blocks the output from the speaker.

If you have received a defective iPhone 12 case from Apple, you should contact the company’s support and get a replacement unit. You can also get the case replaced by visiting your nearest Apple Store. It is quite surprising to see such defective cases passing through Apple’s quality control and reaching into the hands of its customers. The defective cases sent out by Apple are priced at $50 and so one would expect the company to have tighter QC for such products.

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