Apple Using In-Person Reservation System to Dissuade People from Lining up for iPhone 12

Apple Store Logo

Are you wondering how Apple would manage the crowd lining up to buy iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro? The answer is an in-person reservation system. iPhone buyers line up outside stores every year to get their hands on the new device before it runs out of stock. This year things are very different due to the ongoing pandemic.

Apple is currently letting users pre-order or choose store pick up for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. However, Apple uses a queue system in which users will be provided with a token number. Once the token number is displayed, they can go and collect their iPhone 12. It is identical to the queue system used in places like banks and restaurants.

Apple will use the reservation once the line starts forming outside. Furthermore, Apple will employ standard safety protocols and ensure minimal contact. Interestingly, customers might be asked to return at a specific time in case a queue starts forming. In other words, those standing outside stores will be assigned a reservation slot and asked to make the purchase later. Buyers are also required to make a reservation to purchase an iPhone 12 on the launch day.

iPhone 12 is one of the most significant product launches in many years and is considered an upgrade supercycle. Over the years, we have seen people beeline outside Apple Stores to get their hands on new iPhones. More people might prefer to pick up from the store as delivery dates for online orders have already extended to November.

Express Storefronts

Interestingly, Apple is also requesting those who had pre-ordered to come and collect their devices on the launch day. This year Apple has also implemented Express Storefront. It is a designated area in front of stores that are currently closed due to the pandemic. Customers can pick up devices that they have ordered online from the storefront.