Apple Stops Signing iOS 14.0.1 Following iOS 14.1 Release

Downgrade iOS Firmware

Apple has stopped signing iOS 14.0.1 following the release of iOS 14.1 last week. This means it will no longer be possible for iPhone and iPad owners to downgrade their device back to iOS 14.0.1.

Apple usually waited around a couple of weeks before it stopped signing an older version of iOS. However, it looks like the company has changed its timing a bit as it is now stopping signing old firmware within a week of a new release of iOS.

There’s no iOS 14 jailbreak for newer iPhones so Apple no longer signing iOS 14.0.1 should not be an issue for most users. Checkra1n has been updated with iOS 14 jailbreak support but it only supports iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which limits its usefulness. Plus, the tool has only been updated with preliminary support and there are tons of issues with it.

iOS 14.1 was a major bug-fixing update from Apple that squashed a number of bugs and issues present in the initial two builds of iOS 14. If you have been holding out from upgrading to iOS 14.1, you should reconsider and upgrade to it due to the number of bugs it fixes. Plus, there’s no iOS 14 jailbreak on the horizon so it does not make much sense to keep running iOS 14.0.1 on your iPhone.