Apple Watch SE Owners Complaining of Overheating Issues

Apple unveiled Apple Watch SE last month. It has now come to light that Apple Watch SE owners are facing an overheating issue. The watch heats up after a few hours of usage and some disgruntled Apple Watch SE users from South Korea have taken to Reddit.

The Reddit thread includes six detailed cases alongside photographs to support their claims. One of the Apple Watch SE owners complained that the watch “suddenly got hot.” Apple refunded the owner, and this particular device was manufactured in October. Yet another Apple Watch SE user had kept the watch for charging, and when he woke up, the machine had a yellow spot on display.

The owner received the device on October 11, and the issue happened 3 days later. The owner charged the device in the charger and went to sleep. When the owner woke up, the watch was like the picture. The owner got a refund. The device was [Apple Watch SE 40mm Cellular] with the color unknown.”

One of the Apple Watch SE users felt something hot on his wrist, and after taking off the watch, he discovered the burnt wrist. In all of the cases, Apple has exchanged the device or issued a refund. In all likelihood, the company is aware of the issue. However, Apple is yet to offer an explanation to the Apple Watch SE owners.

Interestingly, the issue has mostly occurred on Apple Watch SE purchases in South Korea. We combed the Apple Communities and Reddit but found no similar reports. Perhaps the issue is unique to specific regions and manufacturing batch. However, we could also see more reports coming in from other areas. There is no teardown of Apple Watch SE, so it’s tough to isolate the issue. The overheating spot is the same in all the cases, i.e., between the taptic engine and digital crown. Perhaps it’s due to display connectors situated near the taptic engine.

[via Reddit]