New Concept Helps Visualize Apple Services Hub with Siri Search Integration and More

Apple’s deal with Google Search engine has come under the scanner. Just today, we learned that Apple is secretly working on its own search engine. Now a new concept shows how Apple’s Services Hub will look if implemented on the Web. The hub will let you use all Apple ID services and offer Siri Search integration on the web.

The concept shows how one could visit the hub and gain access to all Apple Services. Most importantly, they will be able to do so on the web. Services like Apple Developer, Apple Music, Apple Publishers, and Apple Music for Artists will be available in one place. Furthermore, users will be able to get updates on Apple Store orders and also manage Apple Card.

The Siri web concept is also exciting. It brings Siri on the web, and anyone can access Siri by heading over to the website. You can use Siri to enhance your web search capacity.

Point your web browser to Siri․com and use Apple’s latest technologies to power up your web searches. Search Apple News for stories, updates, and financial data. You can search Apple Maps for destinations. iTunes and the App Store are there too so you find content or apps. Or search Apple․com for products, news, or support.

Currently, Apple offers select services via However, most other services like Apple Music, Apple TV+ are standalone and have their own websites. The hub concept will bring all the Apple Services together and offer a unified search option.

Our Take

If Apple’s deal with Google falls apart, they will be forced to introduce its own search engine. Apple can leverage Siri and offer a superlative search engine. That said, Apple will lose out on revenue as Google pays an estimated $10 billion every year for being the default search engine on iOS.

[via Parker Ortolani]