First iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Hands-On Video Comes Courtesy of Good Morning America

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Apple has been unable to hold live events for its new product releases. The company held a virtual event for the iPhone 12 launch which meant that there were no hands-on videos of the new iPhones after the event. The company is shipping out review units to media and the first iPhone 12 hands-on video has now been made its way online courtesy of ABC News reporter Becky Worley who showcased the devices on today’s episode of Good Morning America.

The hands-on video showcases the Sapphire iPhone 12 Pro and the blue iPhone 12. Worley also showed the MagSafe iPhone wallet case that automatically snaps to the rear of the device. The reporter talks about the new design, improved cameras including Night mode for the selfie camera, and the squarish new design.

The show also talked about how the new iPhones are not the first to the market with 5G as other Android phones have had it for a long time. However, Apple has always taken its time to adopt a new technology ensuring that it is mature enough for daily use. Apple’s VP of iPhone Marketing Kaiann Drance was also a part of the show briefly in which she discussed the removal of the charger and the EarPods from the iPhone 12’s box. She says that “there’s so much in the phone already” and that it offers a lot of other new features that consumers will be excited to upgrade to it. She also noted that most consumers already have a lot of chargers lying around.

You can watch the entire hands-on segment of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in today’s Good Morning America show below.