Another iOS 14 Bug Resets Default Mail and Browser App After App Updates

iOS 14 App Library

One of the biggest usability improvements in iOS 14 is that it allows users to change the default mail and browser app to a third-party one. However, there was a bug in the first iOS 14 release that reset the mail and browser app selection back to stock after a reboot. Apple fixed that with the iOS 14.0.1 update but another bug has been discovered with Apple’s implementation.

As being reported, whenever one updates the third-party browser or email app that has been set as default, iOS 14 will switch back to Safari or Mail as the default app. This means if you have Outlook as the default mail app on your iPhone and if you update it, iOS 14 will switch back to the Mail app as the default one. Even if you change the default app back to Outlook, the preference will be automatically reset whenever Outlook is again updated. This is an annoying bug and one that exists even in the recently released iOS 14.1 update.

It is clear that Apple still has a few kinks to work out in its implementation of setting default apps in iOS. After all, this is the first time since iOS inception that Apple is allowing users to change the default app in the OS. Until Apple gets around to fixing this bug, the best solution is to turn off automatic app updates on your iPhone.

[Via The Verge]